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Rajasree Charitable Trust helps Abandon baby girls in Government "Shishu Grihas".

Shishu Grihas were established by the government to protect the lives of abandoned baby girls by their own kith and kin.
On few occasions babies found abandoned in various places.
These Shishu Griahas employ experienced staff like Aayas, Nurses, Social Workers, Cooks, Security Persons, round the clock monitoring the well being of the admitted children.
But, sadly these governments homes run on deficit budget, Hence most of the needs of the children are compromised.
Many NGO's, Trusts, Youth clubs raise founds to buy Milk Powder packets, Health & Hygiene related Articles, Mosquito Nets and even Cradles.
RCT (Rajasree Charitable Trust) provided a number of times all the above mentioned, besides helping the Aayas, and other staff with their needs and motivating them to perform better in their Jobs.
RCT visits the Shishu Griha on a regular basis to identify the needs of the babies, and shows concern if any wrong is observed and advises the staff promptly.
RCT receives a warm welcome from the staff of Sishu Griha always, because of its humanitarian activities.