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About Rajasree Charitable Trust

RAJASREE CHARITABLE TRUST " was established by Dr Rajasree Sajjad in the year 2013. She has been a Practising Doctor in the district of Telangana for mor than 30 years and witnessed in due course innumerable incidences of ABANDONED INFANT BABY GIRLS BY THEIR OWN PARENTS and kith & kin.

This was more evident in tribal communities across Telangana state and also in other poorer sections of the society in general.

Female babies were given away soon after the birth to the government Shishu Grihas after the parents fulfilling all the guarantees abiding the rules and regulations. There were many reports in the news and Visual media about finding female abandoned babies in street corner dustbins or in fields or bushes found by passers by.

These disturbing incidents occurring time & again propelled Dr.Rajasree to form a small team of like minded persons and spread awareness against Female Infanticide, by way of organising meetings, counsellings with village sarpanch, elderly and women, travelling to those villages for all practical purposes on fact finding missions.

During these meetings she was informed by the community that the main reason of not wanting a baby girl was the DOWRY problem being the singe main reason once the girl child reaches marriageable age, and the most affected was the second born or third born female baby. The families were just not able to part away with their hard earned income in the form of dowry during performing marriages.


Thus the" RCT "{Rajasree Charitable Trust} with its small team of dedicated men & women took up the cause of "Saving Girl Child " under its banner and started to initiate programmes that help and organise awareness about the negative results of female infanticide or abandoning female babies and the gender problems.

The trust works closely with the Women & Child department of Nalgonda and Suryapet district’s trying to meet their requests of help and also helps many NGO organisations and individual families

About the Founder

Rajasree Sajjad Garu

Dr Rajasree Sajjad, was born & brought up in Nellore dIstrict of AP and finished her schooling at St.Joseph's Girl's Higher Secondary School with flying marks.

Later she studied her 1st year BSc, in Biology at SP Women's college, Tirupati.

The very next year while she was about to start her 2nd year BSc, she got admission into Medical faculty at People's friendship University of Moscow,Russia, and completed her Medicine there with 1st class.

The exposure of studying in Europe at a very young age made her understand ,realise very valuable aspects of life and made her to take a firm decision to serve the needy soon after becoming a doctor.

After her return to India, She got married to her classmate ,also an alumni of the same university ,Dr.SAJJAD ZAHEER,,who was born and brought up in Hyderabad ,and who was also a very good state ranker.

She started her home sergeancy at The Govt Gandhi Hospital for n yer ,later also finished her senior house sergeancy at the same hospital in the family planing department.

The very next year she got a job at the Osmania General Hospital and worked for two years, after that period she along with her husband opened their own private practice in the very backward district of Nalgonda with an aim of helping the rural poor with medical aid. the long yers of working in the district did eventually bring name and fame but also made her realise the poverty of people, their health habits, deep old believes, and se always tried her best to change peoples lives for the better in the way of proper councillings and with very subsidised medical fees.

These actions made the-people realise her efforts and sincerity towards the local community and endears her.this is when she come across a lot of incidents of abandoned babies by certain communities and made her take a stand to fight against fame infanticide and gender difference.

She established a trust in her name ( Rajasree Charitable Trust ) soon after her and her husbands recovery from life threatening injuries, They both sustained after a car accident they had met and miraculously recovered after doctors efforts involving multiple surgeries on multiple organs, and after sustained physiotherapy treatments, and with family, friends and peoples blessings and affection.

This incident was actually the turning point to start thinking over all again about what changes a life can have and how valuable it is for any to live on.

It is then during her recovery period at home she came upon the idea of saving and helping abandon baby girls ,who are dumped some where or given away to Shishu Grihas just because they are born as girls.

She took up the cause of Saving Girl Child ,after establishing Rajasree Charitable Trust, and with the help of her close friends and her family is trying to help and strengthen any issue concerned with baby girls.

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